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Based in Melbourne, Australia

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Spring 2020

Nintendo Switch


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In Other Waters tells the story of Ellery Vas, a xenobiologist who discovers extraterrestrial life while searching for her missing partner.

When Ellery is called to planet Gliese 677Cc by Minae Nomura, only to arrive at an abandoned base, she finds herself adrift in an ocean of secrets, with little more than a malfunctioning diving suit and a strange AI to guide her. You are this AI.

Guide Ellery—and keep her safe—as you dive deeper and explore an underwater alien landscape. The planet’s unique life, and its dark history, are yours to uncover and the bond between you and Ellery will be tested by the secrets you learn. Through this shifting narrative, In Other Waters asks questions about the nature of “natural” and “artificial” life, and investigates what it means to be a human in an epoch of extreme environmental destruction. For life to continue, it must change.



Jump Over the Age is a one-man studio founded by writer, designer and artist Gareth Damian Martin.
With a decade's experience in games journalism, graphic design and experimental literature, Gareth brings a wealth of skills to video game development. His first game, In Other Waters has already been recognized at IndieCade Europe, winning the Jury Prix in 2019, and is due to release in spring 2020. His criticism has been published in a wide variety of forms, from Eurogamer and Rock Paper Shotgun to Edge Magazine and Frieze Magazine. He is the editor and creator of Heterotopias, an independent zine about games and architecture, and has lectured about the history and theory of games and architecture at the world-renowned Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.

Working out of his home studio in East London, through Jump Over the Age Gareth hopes to offer distinctive, relevant, and challenging narrrative games, with a strong focus on experimental design and visual sophistication.


  • Explore an Alien Ocean: Move freely in each location, discovering new areas off the beaten path. These discoveries will lead to upgrades and samples that in turn unlock new areas in previously visited locations, additional side quests, and unique conversations with Ellery.
  • See the World Through an AI Lens: Navigate an elegant, intuitive UI via touch or mouse controls. Interpret signals, set headings, and map the ocean through experimentation and intuition.
  • Become a Xenobiologist: Discover and catalogue species through observation, scanning, taking samples, and interacting with alien life. Read Ellery’s notes, look at her sketches, and help her classify an entirely new ecosystem.
  • Plan Your Dives: Choose whether to study creatures, investigate secrets or dive new areas, then come back to your base to study samples in the lab, chat to Ellery or read her journals to understand more about this world.
  • Build a Lasting Relationship: Through limited communication learn more about the person whose suit you inhabit, and help her make difficult decisions. What you experience together will bring you closer.


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Selected Articles

  • "In Other Waters gets weirder and more interesting the closer you look."
    - Austin Wood, PC Gamer
  • "It looks simple (and ever so stylish) yet underneath there's oodles of narrative depth."
    - Robert Purchese, Eurogamer
  • "Its Metroid-likeness doesn’t come from finding coloured keys or whatnot, but from studying the world and its ecosystems."
    - Matt Cox, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "It’s smart, and capable, and, yes, that instrument-twiddling captures a bit of the spirit of playing with toy instrument panels and fake science tools as a child. "
    - Garret Martin, Paste Games

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About Fellow Traveller Games

Fellow Traveller is an indie games label exploring the possibility space of what games can be. Passionate about the vast and untapped potential of games as a medium, its mission is to seek out pioneering game developers working on unusual games with narrative at their core, help these developers bring their creations to the world and to connect them with players looking for something different.

Formerly known as Surprise Attack Games, the label was founded in 2011 and rebranded as Fellow Traveller in 2018. You may know them for the hacking game using real unix commands (Hacknet), the surveillance thriller series that puts you in the shoes of Big Brother (Orwell), the sad game about an elderly goat farmer (The Stillness of the Wind) or the dystopian steampunk mini-golf adventure game (Vertiginous Golf).

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In Other Waters Credits

Gareth Damian Martin
Design, Art, Writing, Programming

Zion Siton

Amos Roddy
Sound Designer and Composer

Chris Payne
Additonal Programming

Greg Buchanan
Guest Writer

Danny Salfield Wadeson
Guest Writer

Cash DeCuir
Guest Writer

Chris Wright
Managing Director, Fellow Traveller

Marla Fitzsimmons
Marketing Manager, Fellow Traveller

Des Gayle
Production Manager, Fellow Traveller

Suzanne Wallace
Brand Manager, Fellow Traveller

Ashley Nicollette
Content Manager, Fellow Traveller

Fiona Murray
Finance Manager, Fellow Traveller

Stephen Gray
Business Manager, Fellow Traveller

Michelle Pirozzi
Director, Fellow Traveller

Aaron Bertinetti
Chairman, Fellow Traveller

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