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Based in Melbourne, Australia

Release date:
1 March, 2016

PC / Mac / Linux / PS4 / Xbox One


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Screencheat is the ridiculous split-screen shooter where everyone is invisible so you have to “screencheat” (Screencheat - verb: to look at your opponent’s screens. “Stop screencheating you cheater!”). Master a wide variety of one-hit kill weapons including a blunderbuss, a car engine that shoots bouncing plasma balls and a teddy bear loaded with explosives. Train your skills in the solo time trials then engage in fast and frantic combat with up to eight players locally on the couch or online. With colourful maps, unique modes and a huge number of customisation options including wacky mutators, Screencheat is the ultimate party FPS.

Screencheat was born out of the Global Game Jam 2014 and was developed by three-man team, Samurai Punk. Featuring numerous colourful maps, ten distinctive weapons and a wide variety of both online and offline multiplayer options that will promote questionable sportsmanship around the world, Screencheat is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.



Samurai Punk was forged in 2013, and since then has worked primarily on short, experimental games at various Game Jam events. The team has a core group of members, but certainly aren’t averse to working with other cool developers that they meet along the way!


  • Unleash your inner cheater: Cheaters never win and never prosper? This is the FPS where everyone is invisible and the only way to murder your friends is to cheat by looking at their screen.
  • Ten unique and crazy weapons: Ranging from the dependable Blunderbuss to the Hobby Horse to the completely crazy Chefolet; a car engine that fires ricocheting energy balls, all are designed to deliver deadly satisfaction.
  • Offline or online play: Challenge up to seven of your mates on the couch or online or a combination of both.
  • Map navigation: In the spirit of the best arena shooters you’ll spend time traversing over ten maps via air vents and trampolines until you’ve acquired your target and fragged them accordingly.
  • Nine distinct game modes: From traditional favourites such as Deathmatch to completely unique Murder Mystery that challenges you to find and frag your specific target with a specific weapon. There’s also a multitude of customisation options.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner - Best Multiplayer Game" Indie Prize, 2015
  • "Winner - Most Innovative Games" Indie Prize, 2015
  • "Winner - PAX Aus Indie Showcase" Penny Arcade, 2014
  • "Runner up - Best Aussie/NZ Game" IGN Black Beta, 2014
  • "Runner up - Australian Game Of The Year" Kotaku, 2014
  • "Winner - Technical Excellence" Australian Game Developer Awards, 2015
  • "Finalist - Best Design" Freeplay, 2015
  • "Jamers Choice for Best Game" Melbourne Global Game Jam, 2014
  • "Honorable Mentions for Best Accessibility, Best Use of Theme and Judge's Choice for Best Game" Melbourne Global Game Jam, 2014

Selected Articles

  • "Screencheat is the Mario Kart of first person shooters and I absolutely mean that as a compliment"
    - Mark Serrels, Kotaku
  • "Easy going in tone but frantic and stressful by nature, Screencheat seizes on a single novel idea and builds an enjoyable couch shooter around it. "
    - Shaun Prescott, PC Gamer
  • "Glancing at someone else’s screen and knowing exactly where they are would be nigh-on impossible in most shooters, but Samurai Punk combats this through some smart level design."
    - Andy Corrigan, IGN

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About Fellow Traveller Games

Fellow Traveller is an indie games label exploring the possibility space of what games can be. Passionate about the vast and untapped potential of games as a medium, its mission is to seek out pioneering game developers working on unusual games with narrative at their core, help these developers bring their creations to the world and to connect them with players looking for something different.

Formerly known as Surprise Attack Games, the label was founded in 2011 and rebranded as Fellow Traveller in 2018. You may know them for the hacking game using real unix commands (Hacknet), the surveillance thriller series that puts you in the shoes of Big Brother (Orwell), the sad game about an elderly goat farmer (The Stillness of the Wind) or the dystopian steampunk mini-golf adventure game (Vertiginous Golf).

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Screencheat Credits

Nicholas McDonnell
Founder/Artist, Samurai Punk

Winston Tang
Founder/Programmer, Samurai Punk

Justin Whitfort
Programmer, Samurai Punk

Chris Wright
Managing Director, Surprise Attack Games

Stephen Heller
Community Manager, Surprise Attack Games

Lex Suurland
Business Development Manager, Surprise Attack Games

Fiona Murray
Finance Manager, Surprise Attack Games

James Kozanecki
PR Manager, Surprise Attack Games

Michelle Pirozzi
Director, Surprise Attack Games

Aaron Bertinetti
Chairman, Surprise Attack Games

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