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509, 2020

Paradise Killer is Out Now! 🌴

Welcome to a whodunit tale where you get to decide who did the deed—you just have to PROVE it. Paradise Killer is now available on Steam and Nintendo Switch, with a 20% discount for launch week!  Switch Purchase🌴 Steam Purchase 🌅   https://youtu.be/C5-uBBg2Ct4 On the eve of rebirthing a new Paradise Island, the Council of leaders

2808, 2020

Fellow Traveller at Indie Arena Booth

Visit our digital booths, play demos, and more from August 27 - 30 Indie Arena Booth is going online this year, and Fellow Traveller is a part of the line up! The event features an in-browser game, where you can walk the digital convention floor and explore digital booths! You can visit the Genesis Noir, Suzerain

1108, 2020

Fellow Traveller’s August Travel Diary: Solo Travellers 🚶‍♂️

This month, we spoke to two of our developers, who decided to do the impossible and make a game entirely by themselves: Gareth Damian Martin, the developer behind In Other Waters, and Coyan Cardenas, who created Stillness of the Wind. They spoke about their experiences being a solo dev and offered their wisdom for anyone considering following


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