Delve deeper into Hacknet with a major new expansion!

Join a team and go deeper into the dark side of the net with Hacknet Labyrinths, a major new expansion coming soon for terminal-based hacking simulator Hacknet.

Adding a new three-four hour chapter to the original game, Hacknet Labyrinths sees the player recruited by the mysterious Kaguya to join a small team of elite hackers. Working together with the other members of the team, the player will take on a series of perilous data heists that go beyond merely kicking down doors, in a quest to obtain powerful new tools and programs.

Released in August 2015, Hacknet has sold in excess of 200,000 copies and has been localised into six languages: English, German, Russian, Korean, Spanish and French.

The Hacknet Labyrinths expansion will feature a whole new network to explore and introduces tools such as the Memory Analyzer, which is capable of performing memory forensics on RAM on any server in the game. New secrets will also be seeded through the original game, so be on your toes!

Every hacker needs their tunes and those in Hacknet Labyrinths won’t disappoint, with a brand new soundtrack featuring Remi and synth superstar OGRE.

Delivering more of the beloved original gameplay along with some surprising new twists. Hacknet Labyrinths will release before the end of 2016 for Windows, Mac and Linux at a price of US $4.99.

Want to know more? Visit the website here , jump onto Twitter here or check out the Hacknet Steam page here.

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