Dive into In Other Waters April 3rd on Switch & PC

Become a xenobiologist: dive into In Other Waters April 3rd on your PC + Switch

Guide a stranded xenobiologist through a beautiful and strange alien ocean. What will you discover together?

In Other Waters comes to Steam and Switch on April 3rd! Pre-orders for the Switch are available now at 10% off.

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Welcome to Gliese 677Cc: a world of wonder, fear and vulnerability. Unravel the history and ecology of this impossible planet together with Ellery, a stranded xenobiologist searching for her missing partner. As Ellery’s suit AI, it’s your job to keep her safe as you dive deeper into this unknown alien landscape.

Survey shimmering reefs and inky depths. Discover strange creatures and stunning environments. Help Ellery catalogue this new ecosystem by observing alien species, scanning, and taking samples.


Study your user manual before attempting any dives

The xenobiologist’s most important tool is their dive suit. Don’t believe us? Come back after you get stuck 10 meters under in a watery grave. Besides, the manual is mandatory reading for all contracted Baikal personnel. 😉

Baikal suits are fully equipped to handle all that an exoplanet survey requires. Each suit comes with powerful sampling utilities, state of the art power and oxygen systems, and a specially programmed Operator Persona*!


*Remember to immediately report any malfunctioning or erratic Operators to your dive engineer for prompt decommissioning. Surveys are designed to assess the presence of pre-existing life, not create it!


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