Fellow Traveller at Indie Arena Booth

Visit our digital booths, play demos, and more from August 27 – 30

Indie Arena Booth is going online this year, and Fellow Traveller is a part of the line up!

The event features an in-browser game, where you can walk the digital convention floor and explore digital booths!

You can visit the Genesis Noir, Suzerain and Paradise Killer booths here!

Genesis Noir, Suzerain, Paradise Killer and The Invisible Hand will be on show and have demos to play and streams to watch. Below are the event schedule for Paradise Killer, Genesis Noir and Suzerain.

Visit Indie Arena Booth’s Digital Event here!

View Indie Arena Booth Sale on Steam here!

In case you missed it, Paradise Killer has announced it’s coming out on PC and Nintendo Switch on September 4 2020!

Indie Arena Booth will be the last time to play the Paradise Killer demo before its release! You can wishlist on Steam and pre-order on Switch!


The Fellow Traveller catalogue will also be on sale during Indie Arena Booth. Check out the sales here

We can’t wait for you to swing by digital booth at Indie Arena Booth Online from August 27th through August 30th. If you’re interested in chatting with us about the event, or if you’d like to let us know that you’re streaming one of our demos, come hang out with us in our Official Discord, or contact us at community@fellowtraveller.games

See you then!

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