Fiona Murray wins Unsung Hero award at the 2017 MCV Pacific WIG Awards

From the outside, companies such as Surprise Attack Games are seemingly made up of ideas. But from the inside, they are made of people–staff who shape the legacy, vision and heart of a company, who make it what it is. Today, our Finance Manager, Fiona Murray, received the Unsung Hero Award at the 2017 MCV Pacific Women In Games Awards presented by Xbox, and we couldn’t be more proud.

The award was announced at MCV Pacific’s annual Women in Games Lunch in Sydney, where 24 finalists from across seven different awards categories were narrowed down to the winners by a panel of ten senior local industry members.

Photos courtesy MCV Pacific and Izzy Gramp

“A true unsung hero of the Industry, Fiona has drawn light on the less glamorous, but extremely important side of games development,” wrote MCV Pacific about Fiona when she was nominated.

“In addition to Surprise Attack Games, she is also the Finance Manager of its sister company, specialist games marketing agency Double Jump Communications, which represents clients including Wizards of the Coast, Hi-Rez Studios, Nexon, Elgato and Seagate.

“Outside of her responsibilities with the two companies, Fiona has been a regular volunteer for organisations and events such as IGDA Melbourne, GCAP and Melbourne Global Game Jam. Fiona’s continued work on the latter saw her awarded a GDC scholarship by Global Game Jam.”

“Speaking of her inclusion in the list, Fiona said, ‘It means the world to me to have been included in this year’s list among such incredible women, many of whom it has been my absolute privilege to work beside. I’d also like to acknowledge those who work quietly behind the scenes, who may not necessarily have the public profile, but are the forces that drive their companies every single day.’”

The six other award winners included Clara Reeves (Business Achievement of the Year), Brooke Maggs (Creative Impact), Maru Nihoniho (Innovator), Dr Jennifer Hazel (Campaigner), Lisy Kane (Outstanding Achievement of the Year) and Emilia Chignola (Trailblazer). Giselle Rossman was also awarded the innaugural MCV Pacific Shining Star Award.

As a company, we not only want to acknowledge Fiona’s incredible achievement, but thank her for helping to shape who we are and what matters. We value her enormously.

If you’d like to follow Fiona on social media, her Twitter handle is @thecantordust.

Sources: MCVPacific


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