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The Dungeon Masters have a new favourite sport! Dungeon League takes everything that’s awesome about dungeon crawling and spews it out as 10 minutes of chaotic, multiplayer party game action.



Release Date

Jul 24 2015


PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xboox One




Ache Bit

The Dungeon Masters have grown incredibly bored counting the days until some tasty new morsels enter their dungeon. The answer? Invite them in and make a show of it! Enter, the Dungeon League. Welcome to the sport of heroes!

Dungeon League sees up to four All Stars take to the procedurally generated dungeon to battle each other (and hordes of enemies) in a series of two minute rounds pulled at random from a stack of wildly different quests. From the classic ‘Deathmatch’ to the ever frantic (and kind of gross) ‘Witches Eye’, each round is hard fought and requires unique tactics to succeed. Teaming up or standing only for themselves, each of the classic RPG heroes will rapidly level up and equip new gear between rounds, going from zero to hero in minutes not hours.


Intense dungeon crawling action

Rounds last just two minutes and feature hordes of enemies to kill, objectives to achieve, traps to avoid and opponents to be vanquished. Win three rounds to be hailed as the Dungeon League Champion.

More modes than your Dad’s old dungeon crawler

Every Tournament match randomly pulls from a stack of different quests. From ‘Deathmatch’ to ‘Capture the Flag’ to ‘Witches Eye’ and ‘Obelisk’, your Dad has never played a game like this. Take time out from the competition in the co-operative ‘Gauntlet’ and ‘Survival’ game modes or chuck the old trollskin around in ‘Dungeon Ball’, all due to arrive during Early Access along with more tournament quests.

All the RPG tropes got invited

Heroes, warriors, rogues, trolls, wizards, dungeons, traps, flickering torches, goblins, loot, skills, stat points, sweet epic gear sold by a mysterious and seductive merchant of indeterminate species and an anthropomorphised unicorn – they all came to the party.

Level at light speed

These All Stars take three or four levels at a time, man. Rapidly train your hero through their skill path between rounds before visiting Zug the Shopkeeper to purchase some winged boots, vampiric rings or shadow amulets. Find the perfect build to give you the edge in the next bout.

Take your All Star out for a test run

Worried about looking like a Sunday crawler or not sure what All Star to choose? Jump into the freeplay area to bash some monsters and learn how to master each character.

Glorious, arcade-style pixels, insanely brightly coloured, and with a wicked sense of humour
David Hollingworth, PC Authority
Dungeon League turns RPG action into a bloodsport
Alessandro Fillari , Destructoid
It looks great
Mark Serrels, Kotaku Australia


Ache Bit is Christopher Yabsley, a one man game developer from Sydney, Australia. Besides a full time day job as a composer he also teaches pixel art to hopeful indies on the internet and makes his own games handling programming, design, art and music duties. He has a penchant for most things 1980s, and we suspect that he’s invented a time dilation machine based on his prodigious output.


Ache Bit

Christopher YabsleyCreative Director, Ache Bit

Surprise Attack Games

Chris WrightManaging Director, Surprise Attack Games
Travis PlaneDirector, Surprise Attack Games
Aaron BertinettiChairman, Surprise Attack Games
Stephen HellerCommunity Manager, Surprise Attack Games
Fiona MurrayFinance Manager, Surprise Attack Games
Drew TaylorCommunications Manager, Surprise Attack Games

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