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Project Description

Neo Cab is an emotional survival game about gig labor, tech disruption and the experience of being a driver-for-hire.

You play as Lina Romero — a daring, empathetic young woman hustling to survive as one of the last human cab drivers in an autonomous world.

Navigate the neon-drenched streets of Los Ojos from the Neo Cab map. Choose your passengers— and your words— wisely. You’ll need to balance your cash, star rating and emotional health to survive in this town.


Switch: 19.99 USD

Steam + Humble Store: 14.99 USD

Release Date

Out now


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Neo Cab Game


Chance Agency


PRESS: For a complete set of assets, please visit the press kit.


Connect with your pax

Find ways to connect with passengers. Each has their own story to tell.

Uncover the secrets of Los Ojos

Lina’s best course for survival is to to keep driving. Piece together what has happened to Savy as you help Lina navigate the city grid.

Balance your emotional needs

Each passenger interaction will affect Lina’s mood and it’s up to you to manage their emotional wellbeing. Balance Lina’s monetary needs, the necessity for a five-star rating, and the needs of pax with what feels right.

Find your own route

Neo Cab features a branching narrative with pax stories written by Leigh Alexander, Kim Belair, Bruno Dias, Duncan Fyfe, Paula Rogers & Robin Sloan.

Music by Obfusc

Featuring an original soundtrack by Obfusc (Monument Valley, House of Cards)


Chance Agency is a team of artists, writers, musicians and programmers whose past work includes Firewatch, The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, Guild Wars 2 and Reigns: Her Majesty.


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