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Project Description

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Experience the obsessive life of a mid-level stockbroker, pursuing wealth and success at the cost of everything else… possibly even your freedom.



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Kolkohze Games

Caught in the hamster wheel of a stock broking agency, your every day is a heady mix of high stakes decision making under pressure. Presented with profit targets by a boss who has no hesitation to sack you, you’ll need to engage in panic sales and timed events, lobby society groups to influence the stock market, and even undertake all-out majority share acquisitions. Read the news to see the signs, or dabble with some insider trading to get the upper edge. But, be warned, a financial investigation into your company has begun, and you may well become the focus.

Intentionally political, The Invisible Hand explores the way we value things in a story-driven stock market simulator that will have you reaching for your tenth coffee before the working day is done.


Experience the life of a stockbroker

Experience the obsessive life of a mid-level stockbroker, pursuing wealth and success at the cost of everything else… possibly even your freedom.

Make money. Now make more!

Your job is simple: make money, lots of money. The more you make, the happier your boss is, the richer you become, and the more you have to invest. But can you keep the cycle going?

Take control of the market

Use your profits to lobby key groups in the community, driving the price of raw commodities up or down to suit your stock market portfolio.

Time is against you… and so are the police!

Every day comes with a myriad of deadlines: mission objectives, profit targets and more. But if that’s not bad enough, rumours of an impending financial investigation have started to circulate…

Account for your actions

When all is done and traded, what was it all worth? What did it earn? What did it cost? And who decides?

The Invisible Hand is not pitched as a social experiment per se, but it’s easy to think of it in those terms. Like Papers, Please (2013), it asks what you would do in a situation that is both oppressive and, in a certain frame of mine, also empowering.
David Rudden, Kill Screen


Unabashedly political, Kolkhoze Games is a French game development collective cheekily intent on dismantling Capitalism from the inside, through games.

Organically mutating into a working studio, development trio Benjamin Martin (Game Designer & Lead Programmer), Nicolas Muller (Creative Director & Unity Expert) and Plule (Game-feel Visionary) have a passion for numbers that go up and interactive experiences that elicit discourse about contemporary society and economic injustice.

Conceived in 2015, The Invisible Hand is the collective’s first major game project, and is due for release on PC early 2018.




Kolkhoze Games

Benjamin MartinGame Designer and Lead Programmer
Nicholas MullerCreative Director and Unity Expert
PluleGame-feel Visionary

Surprise Attack Games

Chris WrightManaging Director
Michele PirozziDirector
Aaron BertinettiDirector
Marla FitzsimmonsMarketing Manager
Stephen HellerProducer
Drew TaylorCommunications Manager
Fiona MurrayFinance Manager
Felix KramerScout

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