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Vertiginous Golf is a dystopian steampunk mini golf adventure game set in the skies above an alternate world where life on the ground is enveloped in permanent smog, constant darkness and never‐ending rain.



Release Date

Mar 11 2014


PC, Mac



After suffering on the ground under a haze smog and pollution, the people of Scudburough have
been split in half by a lottery, with the winners heading up into the clouds to live in a floating city called New Lun‐Donne. For those left below, they can get a temporary escape from the gloom through the Verti‐Sphere, a device that allows them to rise virtually into the cloudy paradise to play mini golf on challenging obstacle courses floating in the sky.

But something is amiss in this nation of two cities. Another voice is trying to break through the
propaganda messages of peace and prosperity… the voice of an insurrection.

In development for two years with 14 months of that in Steam Early Access, Vertiginous Golf is a
game that defies expectations and has a scope that belies the relatively tiny development team.

It includes close to 100 challenging holes across Story, Classic and Developer courses as well as local and online multiplayer, a fully‐fledged course creator and extensive customisation options for the player’s avatar, clubs and their mechanical hummingbird companion.


Dystopian steampunk mini golf

Chip and putt your way through beautiful golf courses floating far above the smog-covered streets below. Play through the unique story mode courses to uncover the mystery of the Verti-sphere. Enjoy 54 classic holes ranging from simple miniputt to mind-bending courses that will test even the most skilled golfers, as well a driving range and race challenges.

Get creative

Design your own fiendish courses in the map editor and share with the community. Tinker for hours with the look of your clubs, hummingbird and avatar in Frolich’s Emporium.

Local and online multiplayer

Enjoy a leisurely round in the sky with up to three friends. Race each other to the finish on the race tracks or fight over control of the holes in the unique battle golf arenas while using a variety of offensive weapons to disrupt your opponents.

Golf as you’ve never seen it before

Take on these insane obstacle courses filled with hazards and contraptions. Look through its eyes to explore and unlock the secrets of the green. Use the jewel encrusted beetle to control your ball once it’s in motion and make good use of your limited rewind power to redeem yourself from a bad shot.

“A dystopian steampunk golf game.” PERRRRRR-DOOIIIIIIIINNGGG! My heart’s back up where it belongs!
John Walker, Rock Paper Shotgun
Its puzzling, challenging and deeply weird characteristics make for a unique and engaging experience that brings new life to the staidest of sports
Brett Todd, Gamespot
I think it’s safe to say that Vertiginous Golf is one of the most unique mini-golf titles I’ve ever played, and its steampunk setting is the real capper to such an off-the-wall and rich concept. I’m quite fond of its approach to narrative within a mini-golf game
Alessandro Fillari, Destructoid


Kinelco is an independent games studio that’s been developing for PC, web and mobile for 15 years. Working closely with its sister company Lone Elk Creative, which focuses on game design, art and animation, the two companies developed their own gaming site mohsye.com. They’ve since gone on to create successful browser titles published on Shockwave.com, Addicting Games and Miniclip, plus a series of self-published iOS games.



Paul BarnesProgrammer, Kinelco
Christian HollandDesigner, Lone Elk Creative

Surprise Attack Games

Chris WrightManaging Director, Surprise Attack Games
Travis PlaneDirector, Surprise Attack Games
Aaron BertinettiChairman, Surprise Attack Games
Stephen HellerCommunity Manager, Surprise Attack Games
Fiona MurrayFinance Manager, Surprise Attack Games
Drew TaylorCommunications Manager, Surprise Attack Games

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