Hacknet Competition #HackerJAM Ends with a Haul of Community-Made Mod Content

Hacknet truly is the game that keeps on hacking.

Three weeks ago, Team Fractal Alligator released Hacknet Extensions: mod tools and Steam Workshop support that allows players to develop their own meta campaigns, art, music and content for Hacknet. The tool set opens up a programming wormhole of possibilities for fans to live out their dreams as a “skid” and make their own thrilling stories and missions.

To celebrate the launch of Extensions, and to encourage the Hacknet community to try out the tools, a friendly mod competition coined #HackerJAM was held, running from 26 May to 9 June.

In response, the Discord community flourished. While the game is already celebrated for superbly grasping what makes programming and “hacking” feel so good, creators, programmers and players came together to chat about the game, make friends and help one another build new content.


[has been] my favorite game ever since I bought it, and when Extensions was launched, it motivated me to [make my own mod],” says Adamantite, who created World.exe for #HackerJAM.

The Hacknet Extensions Steam Workshop page.

“I liked to see that great ideas came true with the possibility of the Extensions update, says Hacknet Community Member ChaosKatze. “[It]’s a lot fun.”

Even those with limited programming expertise got involved, finding many different and creative ways to contribute to the new meta content.

“#HackerJAM was an amazing opportunity for a lot of people involved, including myself, creating icons and custom backgrounds for some of the #HackerJAM entries. I’m glad I got to…help others with designs,” says Spiderbenb, a Hacknet Discord Moderator who has been credited in all the mods he contributed art to.

With #HackerJAM now over, the judging has begun for Fractal Alligator and Surprise Attack. Together, they will choose their three favourite Extensions mods and award prizes to the creators.

But, regardless of who takes the prizes, it’s evident that the real winners are Hacknet players. All 24 of the #HackerJAM submissions are already available to play on the Hacknet Steam Workshop–and more content is being added all the time!

– Justine Colla
Community Manager

Hacknet Extension mod, Grey Hat.

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