Neo Cab is rolling out October 3rd to Switch + PC

Neo Cab releases on PC + Switch October 3rd

Neo Cab will begin picking up passengers on Steam and Nintendo Switch beginning October 3rd. If you’re excited, remember to wishlist the game on Steam or pre-order on Switch.

Explore Los Ojos and play our demo

Start accepting rides today by playing our demo on Switch or Steam! You can continue your Neo Cab journey on October 3rd: your save data will be retained. You can also relax with our radio OST livestream as we cruise around Los Ojos.

Switch Steam

Uncover the secrets of Los Ojos & connect with your pax

Find ways to connect with passengers as you ferry them across Los Ojos, the automation city. Your pax have their own stories to tell and secrets to share. As your relationships grow, perhaps they can help you find Savy?

Stay human and balance your emotional needs

Each passenger in Neo Cab packs a personality that will affect Lina’s mood. Balance your emotional wellbing, monetary needs, the necessity for a five-star rating, and the needs of your pax with what feels right

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