New planet, new friends: Pesterquest launches Sept. 4th!

Timelines collide in the next chapter of the Friendsim story! After befriending the weird and wild trolls of Hiveswap Friendsim, it’s time to meet some kids a little closer to home. Zap to Earth to meet new friends in Pesterquest, the next visual novel in the Homestuck universe.

Your favorite artists, writers and musicians return from Hiveswap Friendsim, with new talent joining their ranks as the 14-volume tale unfolds. Start making friends and messing up canon on September 4th with the first two volumes by Andrew Hussie and Aysha U. Farah.

This time around, you can make every friend in one affordable bundle. That’s 20 incredible characters and 14 total volumes for just $12! If you’re excited for this universe-crossing friend ‘em up, wishlist us on Steam to prepare for release. Happy pestering!


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