Orwell Calling for Android Testers & New Neo Cab Content Now Available!

Requesting new pick up…

Rediscover Los Ojos with two brand new epilogues for the first ever Neo Cab content update, completing the Fiona and Oona story arcs. The update also features a new ride with everyone’s least favourite Capra employee, Charlie.

Additional updates in the update: 

  • Updated key art for the main menu screen
  • Added Arabic localization
  • Polished Japanese translation 
  • Updated UI labels 
  • Numerous small bug fixes 

Meeting unique passengers as the last human taxi driver in the neon-drenched streets of a cyberpunk city. With your best friend missing, no money, nowhere to stay, and no more lifelines… driving is the only option left in this emotional survival game. 

The update launched on Apple Arcade on June 25, is available on Steam, and coming soon Nintendo Switch. 

🚗: http://apple.co/-NeoCab 

🚘: http://bit.ly/NeoCabSteam 

🚕: http://bit.ly/NeoCabSwitch 


You have: 1 New Email. 

From: admin@orwell-systems




In our attempts to remain vigilant for our great Nation, we have furthered the eyes of Orwell software, with investigators now able to keep The Nation safe from their Android devices from July 3 onwards.

The continuation of Orwell on mobile devices to our surveillance network means that we are one step closer to securing The Nation against any and all threats. Investigators will be on hand to answer the call of duty whenever necessary, so long as they keep their registered device on their person. Our mobile Orwell system makes monitoring information and supplying leads as simple as pulling out your device and dragging the datachunks to the relevant profile.

We hope you will rejoin our forces as a mobile investigator.


As always, remain vigilant.

The Orwell Project Administration

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