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An alien ocean, rich with impossible life.

A lone xenobiologist, adrift in a world of secrets.

An AI, waking from a dreamless sleep, ready to guide humanity to a terrible truth.

In Other Waters is a unique exploration game, where you must aid xenobiologist Ellery Vas in diving and studying the depths of a distant alien ocean.

Humanity's ceaseless consumption has expanded out to encompass the stars, and Earth's last biological life clings to a poisoned planet. But Ellery has stumbled upon extraterrestrial life.

When a routine exoplanet study goes wrong, however, and her partner Minae Nomura disappears into an alien ocean, Ellery is left with little more than an antiquated diving suit and a strange AI to guide her.

Together they will trace Nomura and dredge up secrets that were meant to be lost forever.



Jump Over the Age is a game development studio founded by Gareth Damian Martin.

Gareth Damian Martin is the writer, artist, and game designer behind In Other Waters.

He is also the editor and creator of the games and architecture zine Heterotopias as well as a Eurogamer columnist and respected games journalist. He was recently nominated for the prestigious New York Game Critics Circle Games Journalism Award and his writing has been described by Arkane Studio’s Harvey Smith as “both beautiful and illuminating.”

As a game designer he led the winning team in 2017’s Dreamhack Jam, and is an associate artist with the interactive theatre company Coney where he creates unique digital experiences. His work as a game photographer has appeared on Kotaku and US Gamer, and he is also a History and Theory tutor at the Bartlett School of Architecture, where he teaches on the intersections of video games and urbanism.


  • Explore an alien ocean: Casting you as an Operator AI In Other Waters is structured around an ever-growing, tactile interface. Through this unique mode of interaction you will chart underwater courses, scan environments for vital clues, and navigate this unearthly ocean.
  • Study new life: Rather than play as a sci-fi soldier or planetary colonist, In Other Waters gives you the chance to engage with its world through xenobiology. You will assist Ellery in tracking, sampling and studying the planet’s life to understand how to navigate its ocean.
  • Uncover Terrible Secrets: As you dive deeper into the ocean of Gliese 677Cc, the bond between you and Ellery will be tested by what you discover. The choices you make, and the way you react to Ellery will change the course of the expedition.


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Selected Articles

  • "In Other Waters gets weirder and more interesting the closer you look."
    - Austin Wood, PC Gamer
  • "It looks simple (and ever so stylish) yet underneath there's oodles of narrative depth."
    - Robert Purchese, Eurogamer
  • "Its Metroid-likeness doesn’t come from finding coloured keys or whatnot, but from studying the world and its ecosystems."
    - Matt Cox, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "It’s smart, and capable, and, yes, that instrument-twiddling captures a bit of the spirit of playing with toy instrument panels and fake science tools as a child. "
    - Garret Martin, Paste Games

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About Fellow Traveller Games

Fellow Traveller is an indie games label exploring the possibility space of what games can be. Passionate about the vast and untapped potential of games as a medium, its mission is to seek out pioneering game developers working on unusual games with narrative at their core, help these developers bring their creations to the world and to connect them with players looking for something different.

Formerly known as Surprise Attack Games, the label was founded in 2011 and rebranded as Fellow Traveller in 2018. You may know them for the hacking game using real unix commands (Hacknet), the surveillance thriller series that puts you in the shoes of Big Brother (Orwell), the sad game about an elderly goat farmer (The Stillness of the Wind) or the dystopian steampunk mini-golf adventure game (Vertiginous Golf).

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In Other Waters Credits

Gareth Damian Martin
Design, Art, Writing, Programming

Zion Siton

Greg Buchanan
Guest Writer

Danny Salfield Wadeson
Guest Writer

Cash DeCuir
Guest Writer

Chris Wright
Managing Director, Fellow Traveller

Marla Fitzsimmons
Marketing Manager, Fellow Traveller

Suzanne Wallace
Brand Manager, Fellow Traveller

Fiona Murray
Finance Manager, Fellow Traveller

Stephen Gray
Business Manager, Fellow Traveller

Michelle Pirozzi
Director, Fellow Traveller

Aaron Bertinetti
Chairman, Fellow Traveller

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