RTX Sydney 2017 in pictures

Rooster Teeth Expo’s second foray into the Australian market saw Surprise Attack showcasing four games to an eager crowd in Sydney’s International Convention Centre. Managing Director Chris Wright represented the company alongside developers Adric Polkinghorne, Chris Yabsley and Matt Trobbiani in a weekend packed with hours of indie gaming.

Dungeon League, Hacknet, Think of the Children and Blind were all hits with the crowd, and all four were regularly banked up with queues of curious players. Highlights of the event included Rooster Teeth personalities playing Think of the Children on the big stage, a booth visit by the Good Game Spawn Point presenters, and fans of Dungeon League taking over the booth to explain the game to newcomers.

The weekend was exhausting but a massive success: attendees were still trying to line up for the games once the expo had finished! It was great to see Rooster Teeth fans so engaged and hear them discussing the games all across the event hall.

– Mitchell Stewart

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