Suzerain: President Anton Rayne’s Term Begins Today!

The people have elected their fourth president of Sordland, and today marks his first day in office.

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President Anton Rayne has a difficult road ahead of him. He’s made his plans to reform the constitution clear, but Sordland is behind neighbouring countries in education, welfare, and women’s rights. The responsibility for a united Sordland falls on his shoulders.

Tune in to the following announcement on the Sordish Broadcasting Corporation as they cover the story around Anton Rayne’s presidential inauguration.

Ahead of his inaugural oath, President Rayne spoke to the Sordland Today: “Brothers and Sisters of Sordland. You, the people, have chosen. Together, we will bring prosperity and reform to our nation. It is a time of hope, it is a time of change. Our capacity as a nation has never been greater!”

Thousands of supporters have gathered in the streets of Holsord chanting campaign slogans, waving flags and USP party banners to show support to the newly elected president. The public mood is very positive in the capital from all accounts on the ground.

The people of Sordland wait in suspense for the leadership that will come from Anton Rayne. It’s up to him alone to bring back Sordland from the brink of ruin. His decisions will determine the fate of our great nation. A Morgna wes core.

It’s your time to lead, Mr. President.

Visit Sordland Today to keep up to date on Sordish news:

Play as President Rayne, and lead Sordland into ruin or repair during your first term in Suzerain, a text-based role-playing game. Navigate a political drama driven by conversations with your cabinet members and other significant figures. Beware or embrace corruption; shirk or uphold ideals. How will you lead?

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