Psychological VR Thriller Blind releases today!

Narrative-driven VR psychological thriller, Blind, launches today on PSVR, Rift, Steam / HTC Vive and OSVR. After four years of development, we're excited to announce that tension-laden virtual reality thriller, Blind, releases today, available from PlayStation, Steam, Oculus Rift and Humble. In the game you play as a young

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Psychological VR Thriller Blind will launch on PSVR, Rift and Vive next week, September 18

Step inside a narrative-driven psychological thriller when virtual reality game, Blind, launches on PSVR, Rift and Vive next week, September 18. You play as a young woman who wakes up in a strange room and makes the shocking discovery she has lost her sense of sight. Goaded by the

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