RTX Sydney 2017 in pictures

Rooster Teeth Expo’s second foray into the Australian market saw Surprise Attack showcasing four games to an eager crowd in Sydney’s International Convention Centre. Managing Director Chris Wright represented the company alongside developers Adric Polkinghorne, Chris Yabsley and Matt Trobbiani in a weekend packed with hours of indie gaming. Dungeon

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PAX South 2017 in pictures

As part of the PAX AUS Roadshow, Surprise Attack Games managers Steve and Drew, and Think of the Children producer Adric Polkinghorne, headed across to the PAX South 2017 expo in Texas earlier this month. Showcasing Hacknet Labyrinths, Orwell and newly-announced chaotic parenting simulator, Think of the Children, the Surprise

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It’s never just about the games: A Communication Manager’s short retrospective on PAX West 2016

Standing in the middle of the main show floor at PAX West, I’m dizzied by the three hundred and sixty degree panorama of pulsating screens and jet engine loud streams of attract-or-perish audio. Games push in from all sides. The booths of big-hitting AAA publishers and the stool-and-table set-ups of

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