They’re super, they’re mutated, they’re alien and they’re coming soon!

Earth 2016: The Super Mutant Alien Assault is set for this summer, and will be all-encompassing as it hits PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Three fleets of spaceships flee a doomed Earth carrying the last humans in cryostasis. Pursued by aliens, it’s up to the lowly security droids to save humanity. Only by unlocking and mastering the wild variety of weapons, explosives, special abilities, defence moves and perks can you hope to survive across all three galaxies, rid your ship of the mutant menace and save the oblivious humans.

Taking inspiration from punishing arcade classics and the seminal Super Crate Box by Vlambeer, Super Mutant Alien Assault is an unforgiving dubstep-infused dance with death across randomised single-screen levels. The pace is rapid, and dodging is as just important as shooting if you hold out any hopes of survival. Dodge and weave amongst the aliens to stay alive, but don’t leave them standing too long or the ship’s radiation will mutate them into bigger, nastier versions!

Played solo the game is frantic, but with local co-op, a second robot enters the fray and takes the action to a whole new level.

So be prepared, the Super Mutant Alien Assault is coming!

For updates check the SMAA website here, or check out the Steam page here.

SMAA - tease 2

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